Discreet Travel Concierge Service

Robert M. Montgomery - 10/8/2013 12:00:00 AM | Comments (0)

Sometimes there is the need for transportation that is very discrete. This may be for you, a loved one or any business professional.  Perhaps there is the need to get to and from an appointment during the week. It may not be when most other people are available.

Some medical procedures require anesthesia and medicines. This will require you to not only have someone drive you but there may even be the need for someone to be responsible for you in preparation and check in as well as coming in to the facility after the procedure to help you back into the car.

This type of service requires a different skillset than a “limo driver”. When this need arises you can count on the professional staff at Premier Private Car Service. The commitment to thorough training and the true understanding of customer service is what sets this team apart as true professional Concierges and not just drivers. Email or call anytime with your questions, concerns and allow them to impress you.

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