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Robert M. Montgomery - 6/18/2013 12:00:00 AM | Comments (0)

Sprout Creatives was hired by Premier Private Car Service in the spring of 2013. The main objective was to improve the current website. While the current website was attractive and a full functioning brochure, it was lacking certain technological elements. Sprout rebuilt the entire website to match the most up to date platforms. This upgrade included embedding keywords in with the script that was provided by the executives at Premier Private Car Service. By building the website to match these keywords, now the website is found in more search engine results provided by different vehicles such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

www.premierprivatecar.com is now not just a pretty brochure, but a living breathing thing. Social media plays an important role in today’s company branding and the ability to reach the intended key audience. The brand new enhanced website now offers the option to interact via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Blogging is now possible directly through the website itself.

Now new clients can join the company mailing list immediately on the website simply by providing their name and email address. It is that easy to now connect with not only your current clientele but anyone that has ever shown interest in your service. One of the best features of using Sprout Creatives is the access that is given to the backend of the website. There is an entire website dedicated to showing you every breakdown of statistics on who visits your website, when and what they look at while they are visiting. This makes budgeting for future advertising allocations more accurate based on location and demographic statistics. Email campaigns are a snap to set up and always look professional with matching graphics that flow right from the website itself.

When addressing your advertising and branding needs you must find the best people to work with. When defining “best people” you must always consider not only the quality of the work but the quality of the people doing the work. Vince Gisriel and Paul Starkey are very patient and true professionals through what is an always evolving project. It is a great help to know that you can reach out through multiple channels of communication to stay on the same page while creating and managing the now self-generating lead machine of a website. Contact the pros at Sprout Creatives today to create your brand. 301.537.8500 – www.sproutcreatives.com

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