Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

Robert M. Montgomery - 7/19/2013 12:00:00 AM | Comments (0)

Regular travel was a big part of my past position as a Vice President for an international cleaning franchise company. When traveling, it is sometimes hard to stay in a regular routine and make healthy choices. When it comes to eating and exercising it can be tough but not impossible. If you are the type of person that lives and breathes nutrition than you probably already have a travel plan in place for exercising and the best food options available. But what about staying healthy by NOT getting sick?

Everyone knows that you should wash your hands regularly to prevent getting sick. There are some other things that you can do in addition to proper hand washing. There are some little things that most people know but forget about. Pay attention to your own behavior to touch your face as little as possible with your hands. When packing your bags make sure to include some items that may help out. Having hand sanitizer is a great idea but make sure you are not replacing your hand washing regime with hand sanitizer. Only use this when regular soap and water are not available. Use a disinfectant cleanser to thoroughly clean the things you touch each day like your cell phone, keyboard and/or tablet, your watch, your writing pen and your belt buckle men! Ladies are you sitting your purse on the floor in the restroom each day yet never sanitize it? Enough said.

When on an airplane be very aware of what you are touching and just consider in all reality the last time this item was properly cleaned to remove germs and bacteria that cause illness? Having some sanitizer wipes is a great idea to wipe off things like armrests and the knobs that you might touch. Anything in the magazine pocket on the back of the seat in front of you is swimming in germs. This includes the magazines themselves and not just the used tissues from previous passengers. On commercial airplanes you will have your own fresh air vent overheard to adjust yourself. Put this in the position to where there is some air blowing across your nose and mouth. Even a small amount of airflow is enough to prevent germs in the air (such as someone sneezing) away from being breathed into your system.

One more quick tip for staying in a hotel is something that may be overlooked. The remote control for the television is usually an area missed by daily housekeeping. Using wipes to clean these off can turn into a real chore. Don't spend your time cleaning the hotel room. Instead just pack a plastic sandwich bag and throw the remote in it. Problem solved.

Most good practice is just common sense. As President of Premier Private Car Service, cleanliness is very high on our list of priorities. After each and every service from any of our clients, each vehicle goes through an entire cleaning process that includes disinfecting all surfaces with a hospital grade chemical and even the sanitization of the air itself so the car is not only fresh but healthy for the next client. The fleet is kept in brand new condition so every time a client steps into one of our cars it will feel like you are entering a brand new VIP luxury car that was prepared just for you.

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