Hiring a Legitimate Sedan Service

Robert M. Montgomery - 8/16/2013 12:00:00 AM | Comments (0)

Hiring a car service can be confusing and unnerving.  For some people this may be the first time hiring a professional car service or maybe you are a business looking to upgrade the current sedan/SUV service provider.  In either case there are some important things you should know to educate yourself.

Make sure the company is legit. Make sure you are dealing with a “Sedan/Limousine Company” and not just a cell phone app that hires a car service for you! Any sedan, SUV, limousine, van or bus service must be registered with the local government and authorities.  For example; to operate in the State of Maryland, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will issue a number as well as the Public Service Commission (PSC) to show you have met all of the criteria to operate. All drivers must be registered and carry a “For Hire” license. This includes criminal background checks on the drivers.

Insurance coverage is very important. If a company is not registered and not legit than it very well may not be insured properly.  The minimum amount of liability insurance should be $1.5 million for a sedan service and the cost increases with larger stretch limousines and buses.  To be properly insured is usually one of the largest expenses that a car service will incur.  It can also be one of the easiest ways to cut a corner in business. If you don't ask, you won't find out until the catastrophic happens and it will be too late.

Understand the terms and conditions of the agreement as well as the fees that go along with it. Make sure you know if the gratuity is included in the quoted price.  Standard gratuity is generally around 18% to 20% of the total cost. If gratuity is included in the total cost, than there is no need to tip the driver. Sometimes there can be fees for tolls, parking, wait-time and travel fees. Travel fees are sometimes added to get to and from the pickup address from the office or shop that the car is leaving from. If your travel needs require very late at night or very early in the morning pick up times you may incur an “Early/Late” fee.

It is okay to ask questions. Remember that. Ask for proof of the DOT number and the PSC number.  Ask for proof of insurance. Don't feel bad to ask about the person who is going to be your driver and exactly the year, make and model of the car.  It is better to get these questions answered on the front end instead of going with the picture in your head and being disappointed on the day of the transportation.

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